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What I Ate/Did in Provincetown

October 17, 2015
From what I’ve heard, Provincetown is like the Brighton of Massachusetts. All year round, it’s pride time and there’s no stopping the rainbow flags, the day time drag queens, or the proud flamboyance. However, despite the progressive liberal take, it’s still Cape Cod, and that means one thing. You’re having fish for dinner. You’re a vegan, yeah, we don’t care, you’re eating fish.

Luckily, thank goodness for Happycow amiright?, we managed to find an amazing little vegan place  called Grab ‘n’ Go along the main road. I ordered a vegan acai bowl, and if it had not been for the magnificent portion sizes, I would have ordered everything else on the menu. Smoothies, soft serve ice cream, raw vegan tacos, and so much more. My friend ordered a chocolate serve so I did get to try some. Having never been a fan of soft serve, I have to say, that stuff could have turned me.
I have to say, Provincetown was beautiful. It was definitely out of the way but I think it was well worth the drive. There, I purchased a vegan cookbook (you can see it in my bag on the picture above) and I tried paddle boarding for the first time. We hired the boards at Provincetown Aquasports, and the whole experience was extremely well priced. I expected to pay a lot more than $20 for an hour boarding, a locker and a waterproof case to put my phone in. If you’re not into paddle boarding, they also offered canoes and kayaks for people a little less lazy than us. If you want to see the video I filmed of our time in paddle boarding, you can watch that here, although be warned, it’s a lot of shaky camera work and trying to figure out how GoPros work.


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