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Reykjavik on a Budget

December 9, 2015

Ever since the economical crash in 2009, flights to Iceland are cheaper than ever. Consequently the prices to live and stay in Iceland are not so cheap. Think London-prices if you need a reference.

Luckily, Reykjavik is one of those cities you don’t need to spend a whole lot of money in. Just wandering around the streets is exciting enough. Below are a list of things you can do in Reykjavik without spending any money.

Visit Harpa Concert HallAlthough it might be pricey to order a drink or watch a show, it doesn’t cost anything to take a look around this gorgeous architectural masterpiece. (Full blog post here)DSC_0557

Admire the Street ArtDSC_0511  Reykjavik is full of magnificent street art. You won’t know which way to look for the paintings on the sides of buildings, roads or construction sites. As Reykjavik is a small city, it’s easy to walk around and explore the whole city by foot. An added bonus of this is that if you do see something you really love, it’s easier to whip out your camera and snap a photo before the opportunity is lost. (Here’s some of my favourite street art from my trip)

Walk along the Sea Front PathDepending on the weather, a walk along the sea front is definitely recommended. There you will see the Sun Voyager statue, a view of snow-capped mountains and Reykjavik’s skyline.

The Höfdi HouseThe Höfdi House is most famous for the meeting between Regan and Gorbatsjov which marked the end of the Cold War in 1986. Although you won’t be able to get inside, there’s no stopping you from roaming around the garden.

See the Swans on Lake TjörninLocated right next to the City Hall is Lake Tjörnin, a picturesque pond with lots of duck and swan species. This is also where you’ll find the Unknown Bureaucrat statue.

 PerlanThe Perlan is located at the top of hill Öskjuhlíð. This is where you’ll see the gorgeously scandinavian view of Reykjavik. Although it might be pricey to eat at the revolving restaurant here, there’s free entry to see the viewing platform and that’s what really makes this place special.       

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