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A Vegan’s Guide to Eating Out in Reykjavik

December 12, 2015


You probably know that Iceland isn’t the most vegan friendly country ever. With whale meat, puffin meat and skyr a part of their cuisine. Having said that, the northern most capital city, Reykjavik, is surprisingly vegan friendly. Here’s a list of my favourite vegan eats in Reykjavik.

Reykjavik ChipsThis place has a simple concept. Chips and beer. I’m a simple gal and this suits me just fine. What’s so special about this place are the dips. They have one vegan dip (two if you include ketchup) that is a cashew based sauce. It tastes just like peanut butter. Weird, yes. Delicious? Definitely.

Price: ££ (Moderate)


Reykjavik, Iceland

Open: Tues-Sun 11:30am – 11:00pm

C is for CookieIf you’re wandering around Reykjavik with a sweet tooth, I’d recommend C is for Cookie. Here you’ll find vegan cookies, cakes and other treats. Get yourself a coffee or tea to wash it down.

Price: ££ (Moderate)

Tysgata 8

Reykjavik, Iceland 101

GloProbably the most photogenic restaurant in Reykjavik, this place has a huge variety of cooked and raw vegan food (and chicken for some reason). It even has some cakes that I really shouldn’t have eaten after a huge lunch.

Price: £££ (Expensive)

Engjateigur 19

Reykjavik, Iceland


LemonFancy a juice? Head over to Lemon for a variety of freshly squeezed smoothies and juices. None of the sandwiches are vegan, but they offer so many juices and smoothies, you’ll still be spoilt for choice.

Price: £££ (Expensive)

Laugavegur 24

Sudurlandsbraut 4

Reykjavik 101, Iceland

+354 519 5555

Ecstasy’s Heart Garden A quiet little spot just up the road from Glo is a small vegetarian restaurant that serve one vegan and one vegetarian meal per day and have a variety of vegan cakes and snacks to choose from.

Price: ££ (Moderate)

Klapparstigur 37

Reykjavik, Iceland


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