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A Mix of Old and New in the Liverpool Central Library

December 28, 2015

Libraries are wonderful things. Although the concept of book keeping is outdated what with things like the internet, kindles and blogs, there’s still a place for them in our society. A library is a bibliophile’s heaven, often preserved in a large, museum-esque building.

There’s plenty of great libraries and bookshops of note in the world, but it’s always a surprise when you find magic in the smaller ones closer to home. Although, having said that, the Liverpool Central Library certainly isn’t small. And, in my limited scope of library visits, I have to admit, this one is my favourite.The first thing you’ll see when you approach the building is the pavement tiled with novel titles.Liverpool Central Library has an unusual mix of old, classic design and modern architecture which you will see as you enter. The modern room is flooded with light from a large glass dome on the roof and the four floors are all visible with crossing stairs from each floor.Make your way too the Picton Reading room to see the classical design. A round room with spiral staircases and concave bookshelves full of 15,000+ rare books is a visual treat for book lovers.Close by the Picton Reading room is the Hornby Library. Another visual treat for lovers of the classic library style.The Oak Room is home to a copy of The Birds of America by painter, John James Audubon, kept in a glass case with it’s pages turned daily. It is among other valuable and rare books in the Oak Room.Head to the top floor of the library for a viewing terrance of the city. Liverpool is a bustling city full of culture and art.Here you can see Liverpool’s most notable landmarks including the Royal Liver Building, Radio City, St George’s Hall, the Wheel of Liverpool and many others.From up there, it’s not difficult to see why the whole city of Liverpool is considered an UNESCO World Heritage site.Liverpool is not a city which receives a lot of love or tourism and I think this is a shame because it’s a special city that has so many beautiful attractions that go far beyond what you can see from the library’s terrace. The Cavern Club and the Albert Docks to name a few.

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