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Formby Beach in Pictures

January 3, 2016

Formby Beach is an ideal place for dog walkers, joggers, picnic-goers alike. Even in December.

For some reason (global warming ahem), this year is significantly warmer than previous years, so popping down to the beach is a good idea. Bring your dog, or someone else’s dog if you’re a lonely individual like myself.

Meet George. He’s a border terrier and my cousin’s dog. He likes sticks and playing fetch but he doesn’t really understand the rules. How am I supposed to throw the stick if you won’t give it back, George? And now you’re eating the stick, fantastic.

Formby Beach is a national trust property in Merseyside. It homes rare animals such as red squirrels at the Formby squirrel park. Along the beach, there are signs pointing to the squirrel park.

Formby Beach is still uncommercialised so is rarely crowded. However, there were still plenty of visitors because it is a piece of natural beauty unusual in Merseyside.

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