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Simplify Your Life by Switching Off

January 7, 2016
Every generation has it’s vices. Generation Y pride themselves on being health concious, trading tequila shots for wheatgrass and thinking that smoking was so 90s. Drugs? Nah, that’s what our parents did. Give me some of those superfood infused smoothie bowls, getting high off life, my friends.

Yet there’s still something missing. Did we really evolve into a generation who cares about fitness and healthy food, or did we fall in love with the illusion of those things thanks to this generation’s addiction: The internet.
Of course the internet is an amazing thing. Social media allows everyone around the world to connect over mutual interests, form relationships, google a medical symptom and buy a couch all from a few keyboard hits and mouse clicks. It becomes a problem when these things start making their way into non-internet related daily activities and take time away from doing other things you love.Ever notice how your phone, laptop, ipad, start creeping into your hands during work? School? Just a quick check of instagram won’t be a problem. Facebook. Twitter. Next thing you know you’re distracted and taking a break from valuable productivity time.
What about when you’re watching TV? I find it difficult to watch netflix or youtube videos without playing games of pacman or tetris at the side of the screen. When I started, I couldn’t just stop and watch. What are my hands supposed to do if I’m not playing games?
Our phones, laptops and the internet have created a generation with ADHD. It isn’t enough to take a walk these days, watch a movie, chat to a friend. We need to feed our internet addictions constantly, with a quick scroll down social media and a quick play on whatever the new gaming app is.
What I suggest is to simplify your life by switching off for a couple of hours each day. When you’re watching a film, watch it on a TV screen with friends or family members, go to the cinema, play scrabble. You won’t need your phone for those things so don’t bring it.Make time in your day for the things that don’t require the internet. Simply turn it off at the router and enjoy doing the things you used to love before the invention of wireless. You never know, you might rediscover forgotten interests like writing, drawing or reading.
You’ll discover how simple and uncluttered daily life is. Everything becomes less stressful when you’re not concerned with how many likes your selfie got.
Live for now and experience moments. Rather than instagraming meals, enjoy them. Rather than spending hours taking the perfect selfie on the beach, enjoy that time and relax. Spend moments with real people in your real life rather than cluttering it with the unnecessary hassle of trying to keep up with every aspect of social media at all times.
Am I suggesting to give up the internet all together? No, of course not. Just because it’s addictive doesn’t mean it’s not a good thing in moderation. Make time for the internet, but more importantly, make time without it.

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