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World’s Only Penis Museum

January 18, 2016

Cue the most awkward blog post I’ve ever written… If you ever find yourself bored in Reykjavik, a way to cure that boredom might be to head down to the world’s only penis museum, the home to 282 penises, testicles and penile parts belonging to 93 different species.

It’s a small museum with some rather large penises. Remember, kids, size isn’t important. The main attractions here are the various whale penises, especially the large sperm whale penis as you see when you arrive in the entrance.It’s not just animal penises. There are human penises too! Given by various donors. Let’s not forget about the room full of penis-shaped objects and artefacts and the room dedicated to the penises of mythical creatures.

 Merman penis specimen

Then there’s the artwork dotted around the room, from the paintings and sculptures, to the lampshades made from ball sacks. You are constantly being reminded at every turn that you are amongst the largest collection of penises in the world.You’d be surprised at the amount of poems and artwork in the guest book. I never thought penises would inspire such creativity. Without ruining some of the best ones, here were a few of my favourite comments:


  • Thank you for the experience, it was a fun day out for all the family.
  • Came here on a date with my girlfriend. Can confirm that we are still lesbians.
  • Wow, that sperm whale penis hurts a man’s ego.


From the point of view of an innocent bystander, this museum was good fun and a hilarious way to kill an afternoon. From the point of view as a vegan, I’m torn. Wandering around a room full of corpse appendages doesn’t really align with my beliefs.

The Old Man With an Erection.

If you’re concerned with how the animal’s penile part came to the museum or how the animal died, there are brief descriptions under every penis. Although many were killed by hunters and their penis donated later, most of the animals died of natural causes.So overall, would I recommend the penis museum? Yes. If you have a couple of hours to kill, go for it. Would I make it a priority? No. Although we had a fun time, there’s a lot more to Reykjavik so go out and experience it!

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