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Vegan Activism at Notting Hill

February 18, 2016

This weekend I ventured down to London to visit a friend for her birthday. While I was there I decided to go to Notting Hill, I had no interest in the markets, I never saw the film and I couldn’t be bothered finding the banksy art work (it was cold, wet and crowded with tourists). I only wanted to see the colourful houses and get out of there. I have a thing for colourful places, if you didn’t already know.

To my surprise, I did find something that made me want to stay in the grey, crowded area and that was this man:I love public vegan activism, although mine is usually limited to what I can do online in the comfort of my own home. So when I meet people like Barry, I’m inspired and uplifted to see people out in the cold spreading the vegan message to the masses.


It made me feel sad, in a way, to think that I run a blog, originally intended to help people find vegan clothes and beauty products with inexpensive recipes and it’s now evolved into a travel blog with the odd post relating to veganism. Who I am helping, what am I doing, could I be doing something more to help the animals?


The answer is yes. We could all do something more, but it’s perfectly acceptable to take time out from activism and go and look at some pretty colourful buildings once in a while.

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