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Climbing the Steps of the Church of Our Saviour

March 9, 2016

The Church of Our Saviour is one of Denmark’s most famous churches located in Christianshavn. It is famous for the spiral staircase that winds round the steeple anti-clockwise.

Many Dane’s believe the legend that the anti-clockwise staircase was accidental and the architect hurled himself off the top when he completed the build and met his end on the ground below. Thankful, this story is just a myth that has been refuted.On the top of the church there is a golden globe with our saviour watching over the city of Copenhagen – and what a view he has! In 2007, Copenhageners voted this view the best in the city, beating the views from the famous Rundetårn. It’s not hard to see why.The Church of Our Saviour has a total of 400 steps to the top of the steeple and the last 150 steps are outside the tower. 90 metres above the ground means this is not a task for those with acrophobia but for height fanatics, this is an incredible experience.With a 360 panoramic city view at the top and beautifully gothic cherubs and angel sculptures to look at in the inside, this is a must-do in Copenhagen especially as it’s only 45.00 DKK or free with a Copenhagen card.Top Tip: Time it perfectly and you can miss the Church bells going off while you’re standing right next to them. From up close, it’s not quite as pretty a sound. Arrive on the hour and you’ll most likely avoid them completely.

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