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Room of Stars

March 10, 2016

I am what some would call shallow as a birdbath. Upon finding out I had half a day to spare in Copenhagen, I could have visited some of the absurd amount of museums to gain more culture, I could have spent the evening with my airbnb host at her seven hour nighttime meditation service to find a higher power or whatever it is people find when they meditate. But, no. That’s not me. I was torn between two, very different itineraries. Should I visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (half an hour by train into Northern Copenhagen) for the pretty selfies? Or should I tick another country of my bucket list and catch the train (half an hour away, again) into Sweden? Yep, I’m a selfie-taker and a country counter. The ultimate embarrassment of the travel blogging community.

I choose the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. You probably got that already as this post is filed under ‘Denmark’ and not ‘Sweden’. I have no idea what Malmö would have been like but I know that I made the right decision. The museum was incredible!

The main reason why I wanted to visit was because of, what I called, the room of stars. It is actually called ‘The Gleaming Lights of the Souls’ by Yayoi Kusama, but I didn’t know this at the time. All I saw were instas after instas of people standing in a room full of mirrors and lights, as if they were standing in a room full of stars. I needed this selfie and I was prepared to fight children and the elderly to make sure I got it.

Luckily, I didn’t have to. This room, unlike the rest of the museum, was empty when we got to it and I spent as much time in there as I wanted. The lights were suspended from the ceiling and faded from one colour from the next. I was stood on a platform surrounded by nothing but mirrors, lights and water around the platform. I felt as if I had stepped into wonderland. It was simply magical.So, I got my selfie. I’m proud of me, too. What about the rest of the museum? Was it worth it? Um, of course it was. Mostly. I say that because ‘modern art’ in of itself is usually baffling to me. What makes graph paper coloured in in nail varnish Turner-prize worthy? It’s not genius, it’s a charismatic woman lying her way into receiving £25,000. Ugh, A-level art gallery visits is giving me war flashbacks. Anyway, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art stirs away from that kind of pretentious rubbish and gives you classic, fun, contemporary art. Obviously there was the odd piece I didn’t understand, but I came for the selfie anyway, nobody’s looking to me for my art criticism.

My favourite pieces, other than ‘The Gleaming Lights of the Souls’ were the ‘Eye Attack’ exhibition and the collection by Hans-Peter Feldmann because a classic renaissance painting of a woman with tan lines is hilarious to me.The sculpture park is worth a stroll around, too. From here you can see the North Sea? The Baltic Sea? You can see a sea here, either way.

The whole museum is amazing. It’s entertaining, beautiful and there’s plenty to see here. It’s definitely worth the half an hour train journey so make sure you get the train up to Humlebæk if you’ve got half a day to spare in Copenhagen (you’ll need that long, at least).

As for Malmö, I’m sure I’ll return to Copenhagen one day so don’t you worry, Sweden. I’ll be waiting for you.

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