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Berga Bazaar

March 23, 2016

Riga is a beautiful capital city with plenty of things to do for tourists. As I’m an unoriginal white girl who likes to take pictures with classic tourist attractions, I don’t usually have time to relax and see the city as a local would. However, Riga is one of those cities you want to see from the point of view as a local. It’s mesmerising but the true beauty comes from inside a café or a boutique, hanging out with a cup of tea and watching the world from the window.

One of the places I’d recommend visiting if you want to get that local-feel is Berga Bazaar. It’s home to sweet, independent boutiques and coffee shops, wine bars and restaurants. In the summer, you’ll see people sitting outside soaking up the rays and in the winter, they’re sat inside with the cosy warmth.   You’ll find Berga Bazaar in central Riga, not too far away from Old Town. Visit day or night for different experiences. One of the places we went to was ‘Garage’, a wine bar with a sophisticated, chilled out atmosphere. This is a great place to meet locals or to start or end an evening out.

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