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A Vegan’s Guide to Copenhagen

March 25, 2016

Copenhagen is one of those cities where being vegan is super easy. There’s vegan food pretty much everywhere you go and it’s probably a contributing factor as to why Copenhagen was voted the most environmentally friendly city in Europe in 2014. That and the excessive amount of bikes and sustainable clothing boutiques (more on this in a later blog post).

I love the fact that there’s vegan food everywhere but it makes reviewing my favourite places a bit of a nightmare. In three days, there was no way I could try all the vegan food Copenhagen has to offer, at least not without giving myself a serious injury and probably winning a world record.

Alas, I did my best to go to as many places as I could. Some were hits, others not so much. I always feel bad about giving bad reviews to vegan joints so I’m going to save the rants for the happycow reviewers and tell you where’s good.

Astrid Och ApornaHoly guacamole, guys. This place is vegan junk food heaven with chips, burgers and hot dogs all made from soy and veggies. Not only is this food delicious, but it doesn’t leave you with that greasy feeling usual fast food joints have. It’s affordable, as far as Denmark is concerned, at least and has generous portions.

Price: ££ (Moderate)

Jaegersborggade 39, Norrebro Copenhagen, Denmark 2200
Express Pizza
Another piece of junk food heaven comes in the form of a vegan pizza from Express Pizza. Now, it’s pretty much your average takeaway pizza place in the middle of town, but they’ve got lots of vegan options and you get to create your own pizza. I choose vegan pepperoni, tomato and jalapeños because I’m hardcore and I like spicy food. They were pretty generous with the jalapeños so order at your own caution.

Price: £ (Inexpensive)

Mimersgade 102, 2200 København N, Denmark

SimpleRawNot a vegan junk foodie? That’s okay, there’s plenty for the raw vegans and healthy peeps in Copenhagen too. You guys have to go to SimpleRaw in the heart of Copenhagen. It’s a pretty place with minimalistic interior and pictured menus. The food is all raw with simple yet carefully chosen ingredients and you can tell that a lot of love went into making the food here.

Price: £££ (Pricey)

Oehlenschlægersgade 12, 1663 København V, Denmark

NaturbagerietYou can’t go to Denmark without trying a Danish pastry and the only place to get the ultimate vegan version is Naturbageriet in the centre of Copenhagen. This is primarily a health food shop but there’s a huge variety of baked vegan treats, however be warned as not everything is vegan. Make sure you ask before you order.

Price: ££ (Moderate)

Frederiksborggade 29, 1360 København K, Denmark

GrødGrød translates to porridge and that’s exactly what you can expect here. This is the perfect breakfast place, extremely popular with the locals and the instagramers. Again, not everything here is vegan but it’s very easy to veganise. Try buckwheat porridge with soymilk and add your own toppings.

Price: £££ (Pricey)

Jægersborggade 50, 2200 København N, Denmark

Video VideoLocated in Christianshavn, Video Video is an all-vegan bistro with an 80s vibe. Board games and movie posters are just some of the unusual decor this place has. The food is equally exciting with sandwiches named after Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more.

Price: ££ (Moderate)

Dronningensgade 42 Copenhagen, Denmark

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