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The Round Tower of Copenhagen

March 28, 2016

Rundetårn, otherwise known as the Round Tower, is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe originally built for astronomers and scientists. Today, the tower is used for tourists to look out at the magnificent views of Copenhagen.

The most interesting part of the build is the lack of stairs. In it’s place is one sloping, spiral walk around the tower core, 209 metres long (even though the building itself is only 36 metres tall). This architectural choice was for function rather than fashion, as it allowed the horses to climb the building carrying the heavy telescopes and other scientific equipment the astronomers would need at the top.Today, it’s a beautifully unusual building with minimalistic white walls and photogenic angles, but it isn’t just a photographer’s dream. Near the top of the building, you can stand on a glass floor that looks down at the core of the tower over 25 feet.Don’t miss out on visiting the church and the library hall. The library hall was the main library for the university and Hans Christian Anderson often frequented. Today the hall holds exhibitions for art, science, culture and history.

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