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Copenhagen Neighbourhood Guide: Nørrebro

March 29, 2016

Nørrebro is one of the more trendy neighbourhoods in Copenhagen with a young, casual feel that isn’t too touristy. I would definitely recommend staying in Nørrebro if you want to embrace that young, hip vibe.


Start off on one of the best shopping streets in Copenhagen. Forget Strøget, it’s all about Jægersborggade now. This street is home to two of the best places to find vegan eats in Copenhagen, Grød and Astrid Och Aporna. It’s also home to Coffee Collective (which apparently has the best coffee in Demark and I’ll take their word for it) and numerous fashion boutiques and second hand stores.I am a fashion lover and couldn’t help nosying at the sustainable, second-hand fashions in shops like Resecond. Copenhagen wasn’t named the greenest European city in 2014 for nothing and shops like Gågrøn, with nick-nacks made from sustainable materials like organic bamboo and fallen palm leaves, probably have something to do with it claiming that title.

SuperkilenI’ve already raved about my love for Superkilen but just incase you missed it, here’s a new version.Superkilen is an urban space in Nørrebro broken into three parts: The red square, the black market and the green park. It’s a space dedicated to celebrating diversity within the most multi-cultural neighbourhood in Copenhagen and does this by homing 108 objects donated from 60 different countries.Superkilen is one of the most striking parks in the world and the image from above is what makes it so special.Image Source: (here)Assistens CemeterySpending your holiday surrounded by dead people isn’t everybody’s ideal but this cemetery is the resting place of many famous Danes including Hans Christian Anderson and Søren Kierkegaard which makes it worth a visit. It’s also a nice green space in amongst the busyness of the big city, so if you have some time to chill, here is a great place to do it.ElmegadeAnother notable shopping street is Elmegade, home to more sustainable, vintage fashion boutiques include the Acne Archive which hold second-hand Acne pieces for attractive prices. Another great place to find vegan food is The Laundromat Cafe, a hip cafe with a library sorted by rainbow order and laundromats in the back room. You can also find Nice Cream, a small cafe that sells smoothies, frozen bananas and other vegan treats, on this street too. 

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