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9 Places To Visit in Central Copenhagen

April 14, 2016

Central Copenhagen is the neighbourhood where the majority of the tourist attractions are in Copenhagen. Although I loved my time in Nørrebro, Vesterbro, Christianshavn and even way out in Humlebæk, if you haven’t got much time to explore, or would prefer staying put in one place, I would recommend staying in Central Copenhagen because there’s more than enough things to do here to satisfy days worth of travelling.

1. The Round TowerA trip to Copenhagen isn’t complete without a trip to Rundetårn, otherwise known as the Round Tower, which is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe with a strange interior layout of a winding spiral slope instead of stairs to get to the top to see the viewing platform that looks out at the whole of Copenhagen.

2. Tivoli GardensThe world’s second oldest amusement park is Tivoli Gardens. It is apparently where Walt Disney found his inspiration for Disneyland and Hans Christian Anderson’s favourite place in the world. If rides aren’t your thing, it’s still worth a visit for the beautiful landscape gardens or the firework shows on saturdays.

3. Ny Carlsberg GlypotekThe Ny Carlsberg Glypotek is a beautiful museum full of famous sculptures, paintings and impressive artefacts. It has an indoor winter garden that is beautiful to see.

4. The Black Diamond LibraryThe Black Diamond Library is a beautiful building reminiscent of a diamond on the shore with the sea water reflecting in the black glass. The inside is just as impressive with an atrium looking out into the neighbouring village of Christianshavn.

5. Amalienborg Palace

The home of the Danish Royal family isn’t something I would usually be raving about as I’m not a royalist and I have my own country’s royal family to not care about. However, the Amalienborg Palace is an impressive building to see and the changing of the guards is a mildly interesting thing to observe if you have the time.

6. Botanical GardensThe Botanical Gardens is a gorgeous green space in the big city with over 13,000 species of plants, a rock garden and 27 glass houses.

7. Rosenborg CastleThe Rosenborg Castle is an impressive building with many beautiful rooms and interesting objects. Here, you can visit the King’s garden and see the crown jewels.

8. Thorvaldsen MuseumThis museum is dedicated to the Danish artist, Bertel Thorvalden. It is home to many of his famous pieces including Christ and the Twelve Apostles and is even his final resting place, the grave is found in the museum’s courtyard.

9. NyhavnOne of Copenhagen’s most famous sites is the colourful buildings of Nyhavn. They’re definitely worth a visit to see the one of the busiest spaces in Copenhagen. It is also a great place to catch a boat tour.


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