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A Vegan’s Guide to Bath

April 15, 2016

Bath is a beautiful, quaint city in the UK. I might be bias because I spent my uni years here but it is, by far, my favourite city in England with the sandstone bricks and the cobbled streets. It’s surprisingly vegan-friendly too with plenty of veggie options.

Bloomsbury Cafe

The Bloomsbury Cafe is a sweet little lunch place above the Bloomsbury shop in the centre of Bath. Here they serve lunch options and delicious desserts. In the shop below, they also sell vegan-friendly Matt and Nat bags so it’s worth a look.

Price: ££ (Moderate)

15 New Bond St, Bath BA1 1BA, United Kingdom


The Chapel Arts Cafe

The Chapel Arts Cafe is a vegetarian tea room hidden in a little nook next to the Chapel Arts Centre. Despite being mostly vegetarian, there is usually a couple of vegan options including cake.

Price: ££ (Moderate)

Chapel Arts Centre, Lower Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1QR, United Kingdom


Beyond the KaleBeyond the Kale is the only almost exclusive vegan joint in Bath (I say almost because they stock raw honey on their shelves), which is an extremely refreshing site and I have to admit, I love this place. Located in Green Park station (right near the big Sainsburys), it is primarily a juice bar but it also sells organic fruits and veggies, raw vegan treats, hot soups and falafel wraps. Although it is quite pricey, it is well worth a visit, if not to sample their raw cakes or delicious freshly made juices, then to oggle at the adorable dog who sits outside.

Price: £££ (Pricey)

Green Park Station, Bath


The Green RocketFor ages, until I discovered Acorn, The Green Rocket Cafe was my favourite vegetarian cafe in Bath, and it’s still a gorgeous little cafe with affordable, delicious food and a mostly vegan menu. If you’re a fan of coffee shops, tea rooms and slices of cake, this place is for you. Amongst the wide range of cakes and treats, they have wonderful dishes for breakfast and lunch, freshly made juices and have plenty of seating, although it’s usually very busy thanks to the location, right opposite the weir.

Price: ££ (Moderate)

1 Pierrepont St, Bath, Bath and North East Somerset BA1 1NY, United Kingdom


Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen I was hesitant to try Acorn for a long time. It is notoriously famous and even featured in the documentary Vegucated. It’s located in a prime position next to Sally Lunn’s Buns on one of the oldest streets in Bath, a classic cobbled road with sandstone bricks. My first impression of Acorn (although it was still called Demuths back then) was from a far and I instantly saw the prices. It’s no surprise that this place is pricey. However, once you get over that, you’ll soon discover why. The food is avant guard and extremely delicious. The majority of the menu is vegan. I’d recommend visiting at lunch time when the prices are lowered and if you’re visiting Bath for a short amount of time, I’d completely recommend this place.

Price: £££ (Expensive)

2 North Parade Passage, Bath BA1 1NX, United Kingdom


Notable Mentions

  • Yak Yeti Yak: An amazing underground Nepalese restaurant and although they serve meat, they have plenty of vegan options including a rice pudding dessert. There are options to sit at tables with chairs or for an authentic feel or cushions on the floor which adds to the ambiance and overall experience. This can be quite pricey, so reserve for special occasions.
  • The Cosy Club: The Cosy Club is an ever growing restaurant chain in the UK, but I have a soft spot for the one in Bath. They have a separate vegan menu and serve breakfasts until 6pm.
  • The Velo Lounge: The Velo Lounge is a variation of the Cosy Club chain located in the ‘student’ area on Morland Road. It’s a perfectly convenient place to roll out of bed at 4pm with a hangover and order a full English vegan breakfast.
  • Mission Burrito: Ah, many a work breaks were spent inside Mission Burrito. It’s the closest thing the UK has to Chipotle (at least for now, it’s only a matter of time before it makes it across the pond in my opinion). The guacamole is vegan here, so don’t miss out!


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