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Finding Fairy-tales in Copenhagen

April 17, 2016

Copenhagen was home to one of the kings of fairy-tales, Hans Christian Anderson and this is a town that won’t let you forget about it. There are multiple ways to find fairytales in Copenhagen, from the famous Little Mermaid statue to lesser known areas.

On Hans Christian Anderson Boulevard, there is a statue of the man himself, looking up at his favourite place in the world, Tivoli Gardens. A sweet tribute in my opinion. You’ll have to fight away a couple of tourists to snap a picture by him, but it’s nothing compared to the big attraction, the famous Little Mermaid statue.But did you know the Little Mermaid is not the only little mermaid in Copenhagen? Find this one outside the Black Diamond Library.To see H C Anderson’s grave, head to Assistens Cemetery in Nørrebro. Interestingly, he’s not the only famous Dane to rest in this cemetery. You might also spot the famous existentialist philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard.Visit Nyhavn to see where H C Anderson lived. He lived in numbers ’20’, ’67’ and ’18’ all at different periods of his life. These colourful houses are one of Copenhagen’s main attractions for tourists and you’ll see lots of people outside. This is also a place where you can hop on a boat tour and maybe see The Little Mermaid from the water.Finally, of course the Little Mermaid is the biggest tourist attraction in Copenhagen. Although it’s small and some people say it’s overrated (to each their own), I believe it is a beautiful statue with a tragic face, in keeping with H C Anderson’s original fairytale where she eventually died and turned into sea foam. Sorry for the spoiler.There is a lot more to Copenhagen than the fairy-tales, but it’s a fun way to occupy yourself if you’re a fairy-tale fanatic.

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