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Little Pink Dress & The Homemade Belt

April 27, 2016

Everybody’s always talking about little black dresses, but lately, I’ve been feeling the little pink dresses.

This particular dress is from American Apparel. It flows loosely when unbelted – a look I loved but didn’t fancy wandering round the streets of Lisbon. I thanked myself later when I had a Marilyn moment at the top of St Jorge’s Castle. If it weren’t for the belt, the entire outfit might have flew straight off my body and across the Lisbon skyline. Yeah, thank goodness that didn’t happen. Some boys did laugh at me, though. Whatever. So, let’s talk about the belt I used, shall we? This was a homemade creation from an old, cheap, fake pearl necklace. You know the ones from Claire’s Accessories we all collected in 2005? Yeah, one of those. My sister still had a broken one so I nabbed it, tied a ribbon to one of the ends and used it as a belt. This is a trick I’ve been using since 2010 after being unable to find a good quality, non-leather belt that actually fits me. This pearl necklace trick can be adjusted with the ribbon to any size you want. If you mess up the back of the belt, or it looks ugly or unfinished, throw on a jacket or cardigan to cover it and hit the town.This simple look required some simple shoes. I’ve been hoarding Melissa shoes for a long time now. These ones are Jason Wu in pink. I love them so much I have a black pair too.So there you have it, a pretty pink look for a pretty pink girly girl that just happens to be fair trade and vegan. I hope you like it!

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