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Barbie Played Tennis then Returned to her Mansion

May 13, 2016

Please excuse the obnoxious title. There was only one way I could describe my outfit and that was ‘Barbie played tennis then returned to her mansion’ and my mind refused to come up with anything else. For some reason, I thought I was an absolute genius and the perfect title doesn’t need improving on. I’m sorry if this entry feels like one big private joke you’re not a part of, because that’s the way I feel too.

Hello, my name is Barbie. I picked up a little pink dress from American Apparel, paired it with a white tennis skirt, also from American Apparel, white shoes from the vegan company Kerol D who stopped making shoes for some reason – I don’t think they’re fair trade either (totally not appropriate for playing tennis in, guys) and played some tennis with my friend, Teresa.Teresa doesn’t shop fair trade like me, so it’s too bad if you dig her outfit.Once the tennis game was finished, I added my vintage pink sunglasses and hung out in the gardens of my art deco villa. What do you mean this villa isn’t mine? Of course it is! It’s pink!Later that day, Teresa and I went down to the lake. It was less ‘Barbie played tennis by her mansion’ and more ‘Barbie goes to the lagoon’ but whatever. Teresa and I had a ball!And that, my friends, is why I should hang out with cooler people than my sister, Rebecca (not Teresa). At least my outfit was cute, though.

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