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The Beauty of Quinta De Regaleira

May 19, 2016

Quinta De Regaleira is a gothic manor built in the romantic style between 1848 and 1936. The main attraction here is the stunning gardens with its hidden tunnels and passageways containing concealed symbolism that represent ancient secret orders.

If that isn’t intriguing enough it is located in the old quarter of Sintra and can be accessed by foot from the Sintra train station, with sign posts pointing the way. It’s a Sintra must-see and unfortunately is often overlooked by the bigger, more touristy castles such as the Pena Palace. For that reason, it’s less likely to be crowded and is still considered somewhat of a hidden gem in Sintra.The garden includes plenty of enchanting attractions including the Unfinished Well, numerous grottos, greenhouses, the Portal of the Guardians, the Promenade of the Gods and the chapel and the chapel’s tunnel.The Unfinished Well is probably the most well-known part of the gardens and definitely the most intriguing. The subterranean tower sinks 27 metres into the earth. You can walk down the spiral staircase and look through the hallowed “windows” into the well. It’s wet down there, so it’s a good idea to take pictures with a GoPro rather than your expensive SLR.Pictured: Tunnels to the Unfinished WellPictured: A statue in The Promenade of the GodsPictured: The Chapel

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