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10 Things to do in Bath

May 26, 2016

Although I loved living in Bath, it never felt like a place someone would want to go on holiday to. Yes, there is plenty to do and yes, it has culture and history and it’s an UNESCO World Heritage site, but to me it only ever felt like home and never a holiday. When I made this list I had to stop myself from adding random things I love about this city, like that adorable bookshop (Mr B’s) and that dog who sits outside the vegan shop (Beyond the Kale). If you’re coming here as a holiday, here are my top ten things to do.

1. Visit Prior ParkJust outside the city centre is Prior Park, a National Trust Property with one of the four remaining Palladian Bridges in the world. Prior Park is a 30 minute up-hill walk away from the centre or accessible by the sight seeing tour bus and in my opinion, is one of the best things you can do in Bath and shouldn’t be missed.2. See the Royal Crescent and Victoria ParkVictoria Park is one of the biggest parks in Bath with a botanical garden, an avery, an ice skating rink in the winter, a mini golf course and more. The famous Royal Crescent is situated at the top of Victoria Park and it is well worth spending a sunny afternoon lounging around and people watching.3. Visit the Roman BathsProbably the most famous sight in Bath is the Roman Baths, constructed around 70AD and is one of the best preserved Roman remains in the world. It is also the reason why the city of Bath has it’s name. (Pictures taken from WikiCommons)4. See the weir and Pulteney BridgePulteney Bridge is one of the few bridges in the world built with shops on either side, along with the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy. You can take a boat tour along the weir which will take you under the bridge and along the River Avon.5. Visit the Bath AbbeyBath Abbey is a beautiful building that has been a place of worship for over 1200 years. Today there are tower tours and you can climb the tower to see stunning views of the city from above.6. Soak in the Thermae SpaThe Thermae Spa is one of the more luxurious things you can do in Bath, and it is quite unlike anything else here. Inside one of the few modern buildings in Bath is a spa with saunas, a lazy river stream and a rooftop pool, looking out at the city. It is one of my favourite things to do in Bath and would completely recommend if you get the opportunity. (Photos taken from the Thermae Spa Website)7. Walk Bath’s Skyline WalkFor the athletics, the hikers or the restless individuals, I would recommend the Skyline Walk. A six mile walk that takes you along the hills of Bath with great views of the city. Along this route you will see the Bath Cats and Dogs Home too, if you are interested in spending time with some rescued pets.8. Visit a MuseumThere are plenty of museums in Bath to visit, including the Jane Austen Centre and the American Museum. Bath has a lot of culture and history so it could be valuable to spend some time learning about the history of this beautiful city. (Pictures taken from Wikicommons)9. Eat at Acorn Vegetarian KitchenAlthough I made a full list of where you should eat out when you’re in Bath, I completely recommend Acorn’s Vegetarian Kitchen. I’ve eaten out at a lot of vegetarian eateries and this one remains my favourite by a landslide. Here you can see great views of the Abbey and get a three course vegan meal. Although it is pricey, it is a fine-dining opportunity that doesn’t come around too often for vegans.10. Visit the CircusThe Circus is another rounded landmark, similar to the Royal Crescent. The architect was inspired by the Roman Colosseum and had a fascination with prehistoric stone circles. It has since been home to some notable celebrities such as actor, Nicholas Cage and artist, Thomas Gainsborough.

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