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5 Reasons Why Iceland is Perfect for a Solo Trip

June 9, 2016

I have yet to go on my first solo trip abroad, although I have travelled by myself often. The idea of solo travel is extremely tempting to me as I have always pushed myself to do things alone. Whether it’s eating out in restaurants or taking a flight to an unknown land, there’s something so powerful about a person (especially a woman) doing it by herself.

However, if you’re tempted by the thrill of travelling alone, but you’re nervous about the potential risks that come with it, I’d completely recommend travelling to Iceland. It’s a relatively risk-free country that is perfect for solo trips for these five reasons.

1. Reykjavik is a small cityIt’s almost impossible to get lost in this tiny capital as every major attraction is close together within walking distance. Even if you do stray further afield, as long as you’re still in Reykjavik, you won’t be too far away from someone willing to help find your way back to where you’re supposed to be.

2. Icelanders are friendlyAs well as having that famous Scandinavian beauty, Icelanders are amongst the friendliest people in the world. They also speak excellent English so they’ll be happy to help you out if you need it. Of course, there are always some people who are willing to take advantage of you everywhere you go, but it is extremely unlikely that a friendly local is trying to scam you, as is often in other countries.

3. Tours galoreThere are loads of tours to places outside of Reykjavik, from whale watching, to the Blue Lagoon, to watching the Northern Lights or exploring the Golden Circle. Tours with Greyline pick you up from your accommodation, take you to the bus depot and there you can catch the required tour bus and be on your journey. It’s very simple and straight-forward so there’s no reason to be stressed about making your own way to these places when it can all be taken care for you. Even trips to and from the airport are covered.

4. It’s a relatively safe countryCompared to the majority of European cities, Iceland is extremely safe. It has been voted one of the safest countries with the lowest crime rate and excellent hospitals. However, the weather is one of the most brutal in the world, so make sure you keep warm and bring waterproof, warm clothing. For a vegan, fair-trade guide on what to wear, make sure you check out my blog post here.

5. You won’t be the only solo travellerI think one thing that scares many first-time solo travellers, is the fear that they’ll be the only ones eating alone at restaurants, or drinking alone at the bars, and in Iceland, that is far from the truth. Iceland is a tourist-friendly country that relies heavily on that tourism to keep them from bankruptcy. You’ll see solo travellers of all types here and it’s a perfect opportunity to stop and make friends with a few of them if you want to. I have never seen as many people travelling alone as I did in Iceland as it really is the perfect country to do so.

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