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10 Things to do in Sintra

June 10, 2016

Sintra is the gorgeous fairytale-esque town just outside of Lisbon. It’s perfect as a day trip, or to spend a few extra days here so you can experience more of what Sintra has to offer.

1. Visit Quinta De RegaleiraMy favourite castle in Sintra was the Quinta De Regaleira. It’s less of a castle and more of a mansion with an intricate and intriguing garden full of ancient symbols and secret passage ways, the most glorious of which is the sunken well which you can walk down.2. Visit the Castle of the MoorsThe Moorish Castle is another beautiful castle in Sintra, perfect for walking along the edge and seeing magnificent views. (Second picture was taken from Wikicommons)3. Visit the Pena PalaceThe Pena Palace is a colourful castle with amazing views, as it is at the very top of Sintra’s highest hill. If there’s only one castle you visit in Sintra, make sure it’s this one.4. Hike up the hillsOne fun way to get from castle to castle is by hiking up one of the hiking trails but make sure you’re prepared with proper footwear because Sintra is extremely hilly.5. Visit the Palace of SintraAnother interesting Palace is the Palace of Sintra. This castle has lots of information on the town of Sintra and its history.6. Visit the Monserrate PalaceThe Monserrate Palace has the most impressive interiors of all the castles in Sintra and is definitely worth a visit for this reason. (Pictures taken from Wikicommons)7. See the street sculpturesSintra is a magnificent town, even without it’s castles and palaces. The street art here are in the forms of beautiful sculptures and gardens, dotted around on the pavements. You can also find locals selling their handcrafted goods on the pavements, too.8. Admire the viewsThe views from Sintra’s highest hills are magnificent. For the best views, I’d recommend visiting Pena Palace but you can also catch them from almost any palace or any place up high in Sintra.9. Visit the beachesSintra isn’t just castles. There are beaches too! Visit Praia da Adraga, Praia do Cavalo or Praia da Ursa for some breathtaking views and to relax by the sea if you’re tired from all that walking. (Pictures taken from Wikicommons)10. Take a cliff-top walk on Cabo da RocaFor an alternative excursion, you could visit Cabo da Roca from Sintra (take bus number 403). Cabo da Roca is the most western point of mainland Europe and here you can see the famous lighthouse as well as beautiful sea views and rugged cliffs.(Pictures taken from Wikicommons)

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