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The Views from Clerigos Tower

June 16, 2016

You guys should know by now, I love a good church, especially if it’s climbable.The Clerigos Tower is the tallest structure in Porto, standing at 76 metres (it once had the title of being the tallest structure in Portugal until the Vasco da Gama Tower was built and took the number one spot), so I definitely didn’t want to miss out on climbing the 240 steps to the top to see the magnificent views of Porto from above.
As with many buildings in Portugal, they trust you to not throw yourself off the edge, so there are no safety barriers and many of the windows are just holes in the wall.Because I’m a bit of a hooligan, my sister and I decided it would be loads of fun to sit on the ledge of one of these windows to get a really cool picture. Be warned, don’t do this if you’re afraid of heights. There isn’t anything on the other side to stop you falling 50 metres to the ground. I was surprised this was such a trend in Portugal. It prompted a series of photographs of me in dangerous places.  Overall, I would definitely recommend visiting the Clerigos Tower. It’s in the centre of Porto and hard to miss, as it is so tall. Visit as the sun is setting to see the colourful buildings drenched in an orange glow.


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