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Cathedral of Évora: The Best thing to do in Évora!

June 22, 2016

Although the famous Bone Chapel gets a lot of attention from tourists, I think you’ll be missing out if you don’t make the Cathedral the number one thing you prioritise during your stay in Évora.

Now, I’ve climbed to the top of a lot of churches. And I mean a lot of churches. It’s my thing. But the Cathedral of Évora is probably my favourite yet. Why? Well, it might be because of the potential of death, the excessive ‘danger’ signs or the ability to throw yourself off the edge if you so desired. One of the things I love about Portugal is that they trust you to not do that and there’s no extra safety measures beyond your own instinct.So you abuse this trust that Portugal gives you, and you do stupid stuff like climbing onto places you probably shouldn’t be. Obviously. But wait, of course the thrill and the danger of the Cathedral isn’t what stood out to me. There’s no way that would be able to knock Hallgrímskirkja or the Church of Our Saviour from my top spots alone, especially when the views from the tower are only average (sorry Évora!). So what else is it that makes this place so special?As well as a tower visit, you also get a trip to the monastery, which is a lovely sight with orange trees in the courtyard and doves flying in and out. You’ll see small holes in the walls and yes, you can go into these, climb a staircase and find yourself on top of the roof of the monastery, again with very little protection.On top of the tower and the monastery you can see the inside of the Cathedral itself, which is very lovely. And finally, you can see inside the church museum, with religious art and symbolism. Although, this part wasn’t quite as amazing as the tower or the monastery (because there was no climbing involved), it’s still a great addition to an already impressive Cathedral. It is one of the best values for money in Évora, so don’t miss out!

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