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Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary in Rome

July 12, 2016

Torre Argentina is a ruined space in the centre of rome that happens to be the place where Julius Caesar was stabbed by Brutus in 44BC. Nowadays it’s a modern day cat sanctuary that has rescued over 4,000 cats since opening and currently is home to 150 Roman strays. 

If you’re looking for something unusual to do in Rome, or if you’re a cat lover, make sure you visit the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary and be sure to donate so that they can continue to lower the number of strays in Rome by spaying and nurturing the cats at the shelter and saving injured kitties from all over the city.The cat sanctuary is home to a variety of cats, all with different needs and health issues. The healthier cats are allowed to wander (or roam) around the ruins, whilst the sick ones are treated inside and only let out when they are healthy. The sanctuary houses many cats who have been injured by cars and come to them in sad conditions when amputation is the only option, so it’s not uncommon to see a three-legged or “tripod” cat wandering around, either.Despite such a large number of cats, there are only seven volunteers at the shelter and they do a lot of work! Cleaning, sterilisation, feeding, vet care and administration, but their work is appreciated by so many.Guests are allowed to visit every day from noon to 6pm, so make sure you come, get to know some of the kitties, adopt one if you’re able or make a donation.

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