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Views from Oslo’s Ski Jump

July 13, 2016

Oslo is a beautiful city, unlike anywhere I’ve ever been before. One of the best ways to see Oslo from above is visiting the ski jump in Holmenkollen. For locals, it’s a cool place to go jogging, for tourists, it’s an opportunity to take a sky car up to the top, a zip line or a lift to take in the beautiful views.

Unfortunately, Norway is Norway and Norway is expensive, so unless you’re made of money, a zip line might not be the best way to see the views. A sky car isn’t the cheapest option either, and they don’t run that often so the best choice might be to take the lift to the top of the ski jump.The lift is inside the ski museum, and there’s no way of doing one without the other. Although I’m not particularly interested in skiing, it was still an interesting museum and worth a look around. So, without further ado, take a look at these pictures I got when we reached the top of the ski jump.The ski jump is one of the best things to do in Oslo, even if it is a metro ride away from the main city. If you’re staying in Norway, don’t miss out on seeing these amazing views.


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