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Alternative Museums in Amsterdam

August 16, 2016

Amsterdam is famous for museums such as the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh museum, but little ol’ me wasn’t about to pay €17 for the privilege. Sorry Vince, I was once a fan but now I see your beloved city is charging more for a ticket than you earned in a lifetime and that just doesn’t seem right to me.

So, I settled for the lesser-known, alternative museums. Those are supposed to be the good ones anyway, right? Luckily, I did stumble across some gems.

1. The Houseboat MuseumThis little museum is home to facts, relics and memorabilia associated with houseboats and the very museum itself is located inside a houseboat on an Amsterdam canal. It’s a good way to get an alternative look at the city for a small price of €4.50.2. Tulip MuseumIMG_6164The Tulip Museum tells the story of tulips throughout the Netherlands from the days of tulipmania to the modern day. It is located across from the Anne Frank House inside a tulip shop, offering several varieties of bulbs and blooms that can be exported to Canada and the US.3. The EyeThe Eye is a primarily a cinema with a free museum in the basement where you can learn about the early days of cinema and film from silent films, slapstick and more. There are small pods where you can sit back and enjoy hundreds of free films including Shrek and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, or enjoy acting out your own film with a green screen.4. Secrets of the Red Light DistrictIf the red light district isn’t intriguing enough, head inside this museum to find out more about prostitution and strangers’ sex secrets. Here you’ll find out more about why prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, the day-to-day lives of prostitutes and you can even take a seat in one of the red light windows to experience what it is like to be a prostitute in Amsterdam.

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