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A Vegan’s Guide to Budapest

September 27, 2016

Oh Budapest, you are a new favourite of mine. From the delicious Hungarian food to the cheap prices, Budapest is a vegan’s haven. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to stay for a long time but every place I did go was a gem and definitely worth visiting.

VeganLoveIf you can ignore the cheesy title, VeganLove is a plant-based street food joint that is minimally decorated but complex in taste and texture. The burgers are packed full of delicious, healthy food and dripping with vegan sauces. If you’re not interested in burgers, they have hot dogs, chilli dogs, Mexican dogs (not sure what that is but yum!) and classic chips and salads.

Price: € (Inexpensive)

Budapest, Bartók Béla út 9, 1114 Hungary

Napfényes ÉtteremIf you’re looking for an upscale restaurant with an extensive menu, hundreds of positive HappyCow reviews, inexpensive in price and delicious food, Napfenyes Vegan Restaurant and Pastry Shop is for you. It’s the perfect place to try some traditional Hungarian food. From soups and goulash to Hungarian pizza, topped with vegan cheese and soy meat. Don’t forget about the extensive display of cakes, cookies, ice cream and other delicious desserts.Price: € (Inexpensive)

Budapest, Ferenciek tere 2, 1053 Hungary

Kozmosz Vegán ÉtteremIf you’re looking for a smaller, more intimate environment, Kozmosz is a beautiful place with delicious food ranging from burgers, pastas and traditional Hungarian food. The food is tasty, healthy and does not compromise on cost.Price: € (Inexpensive)

Budapest, Hunyadi tér 11, 1067 Hungary

Edeni VeganIf you’re looking for more authentic Hungarian food, you might want to try the cafeteria style restaurant, Edeni. Everything is vegan, there is a friendly vibe here and is a good place to meet locals or other tourists as it is in a great area in Buda.Price: € (Inexpensive)

Budapest, Iskola u. 31, 1011 Hungary

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