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The Cat Sanctuary Houseboat

October 5, 2016

De Poezenboot (translates to The Cat Boat) is the only cat sanctuary in the world that floats on water in the form of a houseboat on the Amsterdam canals. It is one of the cutest things to see in Amsterdam that is certainly different to the usual smoking, drinking and stoned museum visits that stereotype the Dutch capital.

You can read about the Cat Boat’s history here and learn about the wonderfully kind woman who started the foundation back in 1966, Henriette van Weelde, and how much the sanctuary has grown since then.I would personally recommend visiting the Cat Boat if you’re a cat lover, a fan of houseboats (in which case I would also recommend the House Boat museum, just further along the canal) or if you’re someone looking for something alternative to do in Amsterdam rather than the usual… you know.The cats have plenty of space to roam around, including an outside area with a fence guarding the possibility of falling into the canal. There are many permanent feline residents on the boat who are also allowed outside the boat under supervision of the staff. The rest of the cats are adoptable so if you live around Amsterdam and want a new furry family member, make sure to check out the cats on the Coat Boat. If not, you can make a donation and learn about the good work they do.The Cat Boat is open to the public from 1-3pm daily except wednesdays and sundays, it’s free to visit but I would highly recommend making a donation.

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