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Wandering Around Old Town Luxembourg

October 6, 2016

Luxembourg is the weirdest little country. Three hours away from Brussels by train (subsequently four hours out of our way from Antwerp) but despite the long journey, Luxembourg still felt like the perfect spot on our journey.

Luxembourg City has everything needed to be a busy, bustling tourist city. The picturesque views, gorgeous old houses and it even has a place on the UNESCO World Heritage City list. However, because it’s so small and “off the beaten track”, it’s more of a tranquil relaxing holiday. You’re unlikely to run into herds of tourists all trying to get the same picture.One thing worth doing is wandering around Luxembourg’s Old Town and seeing the beautiful buildings up close. For a birds eye view, I would recommend visiting the Casemates or if you’re short on cash, you can see the same view from the bridge.From above, the views are like looking at a tiny town made from Lego, the houses simply look different from any other city! The only other town I got this vibe in is Reykjavik. Only when you’re actually walking around Old Town do you see the buildings in their full glory, so I would definitely recommend going for a walk into the town itself for an alternative view of Luxembourg City.

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