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The Fairytale Town of Meißen

October 11, 2016

Meißen is the perfect town to visit on a day trip from Dresden, only 25km away. Either get the train, or cycle north along the Elbe river bank if the weather permits. The town is famous for porcelain and even has a museum dedicated to it. However, the town’s magic comes from the buildings, the people and the old-worldly vibe, unlike big cities in Germany.

If you love small towns, slightly off the beaten track, Meißen is a must. Visit the cathedral, or climb to the top of one of the smaller churches for a cheaper, alternative birds eye view of Meißen. Wander around and exploring the winding side streets.One thing I’m proud of in Meißen is that I managed to order a loaf of bread in a bakery, speaking only German. Well, broken German. “Kann es habe Brot, bitte?” realising only afterwords I asked ‘can it have bread?” rather than “can I have bread?” Whoops. Luckily I had my more fluent friend with me to ask if it was vegan and what kind of bread I was buying. Still, having only been learning German for two weeks prior, I was quite impressed with myself. If you’re terrible at German like me, there are many locals with good English, although as it is a less touristy place so you might want to learn a couple of German phrases before you visit.The buildings are all pre-war old style. Something I loved seeing were the houses that looked like they have eyes. Look for the rooftops with eye-shaped windows. It’s as if the houses are always watching out for you, or spying on you, depending on how pessimistic your outlook is.Anyway, enough chit-chat. Let me show you this beautiful place!

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