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Wishing for Paolo Valisari at the Trevi Fountain

October 26, 2016

Toss a coin over your right shoulder and you shall return to Rome, toss two, you will find love and throw three, you will get married. Now, no offence Rome, but none of these things seem typically desirable especially when you’re standing in front of the busiest tourist attraction in the world. Okay, over exaggeration, but it has to make the top ten. Wait, it doesn’t even make the top twenty? I beg to differ with whoever conducted that study, because you have to see it to believe that the Trevi Fountain is ridiculously overhyped.

Still, there’s reason for the hype. The Trevi Fountain is undeniably beautiful and a lot bigger than I imaged. When I took my GoogleMaps holiday (a depressing but regular hobby of mine), it looked small in comparison and there’s no comparing the beauty of the real thing.If you visit during peak time, don’t expect to wish for Paolo Valisari with a coin toss over your right shoulder. There are pick pockets on every corner and you’re unlikely to stand a chance getting anywhere near the front of the fountain, unless you’re exceptionally good at worming your way through crowds. Luckily, there are ways around this. Visit at a non-peak time.For me, this was at 5am. You’re unlikely to run into shady characters sticking their hands in your pockets at this time. You’re just as unlikely to run into crowds of tourists, but still expect a few with the same ideas of getting a crowd-free selfy as you. It makes you wonder at what time of day Aubrey Hepburn and the Olsen twins managed to film in front of this magnificent attraction without the crowds and still managed to get good lighting, because let me tell you, 5am lighting is not magic hour lighting.If you’re visiting Rome, you kind of have to visit the Trevi Fountain, but if you’re expecting an experience like the movies, maybe make time in the early morning to get a picture without the crowds.

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