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Berlin’s Street Food Thursday

October 27, 2016

Markthalle Neun (otherwise known as Street Food Thursdays) is a place where foodies untie to experience delicious meals, treats and snacks from a variety of different cultures and cuisines. Of course there are plenty of vegan options in Europe’s biggest and best vegan city. Below, I’ve listed some of my unmissable favourites.

Street Food Thursdays takes place in an abandoned market hall, over 120 years old, and has since reopened to showcase up and coming eateries relating to the new foodie trend that puts Berlin on Europe’s food map. Some stalls are so sought after, they sell out hours after opening.Markthalle Neun is open from 5pm-10pm every Thursday. If you’re lucky enough to be in Berlin on the third Sunday of the month, they have a brunch market full of breakfast foods, that is worth checking out, too.Okay, time for my personal favourite stalls. Please keep in mind, the vendors are ever-changing. If one of the stalls is no longer there, look out for them in other places in Berlin as many of them can be found at vegan festivals, Veganz (the vegan supermarket) or they might even have their own business somewhere in the city.Brammibals Vegan DonutsBrammibals’ is a donut shop with plenty of unique flavours from the classic chocolate and peanut butter, cinnamon bun and salted caramel to the unusual, pretzel topped, blueberry and lavender and strawberry and mint. You can buy just one, or buy a box of four or twelve to sample as many as possible.

Brammibal’s even have their own shop in Neukölln, near the Turkish market. It’s got an urban, edgy vibe and is a great place to chat to vegan locals with their pets.Price: €€ (Average)

Tofu TussisAny burger-lover, vegans and meat-eaters alike must try a burger from Tofu Tussis, one of the few all-vegan permanent vendors in Markthalle Neun. The burgers are incredible and by far the best veggie burger I’ve ever had. If you’re not a burger-fan, don’t despair. Tofu Tussis sells house-fermented tofu in a variety of flavours from smoked, curried mango and Mediterranean.Price: €€ (Average)

Paletas BerlinFancy an icy treat? Be sure to try one of the handmade ice lollies from Paletas. They have a range of vegan flavours (my favourite being cucumber and lemon). Unfortunately, but understandably, Paletas is only available at Street Food Thursdays during the spring and summer, but can be found the rest of the time in Friedrichshain.

Price: €€€ (Pricey)

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