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Museums on Bygdøy Island

November 15, 2016

A trip to Oslo would not be complete without taking a ferry across the fjord to visit one of the museums on Bygdøy Island. Though a small island, there is plenty of culture  as well as beautiful houses, boats and a great view of central Oslo. The ferry takes about ten minutes to cross to Bygdøy, and the views are simply beautiful.

Viking Ship Museum Norway is famous for vikings. The Viking Ship Museum houses two of the best preserved viking ships from the 9th century, as well as some not so well preserved, which is a must for all history lovers to see. It is worth seeing the other viking artefacts on display, from carts, tools and other utensils.Norsk FolkemuseumOtherwise known as the Norwegian Folk Museum, this museum is the largest in Bygdøy. It is an open air exhibition with 155 traditional Norwegian houses, all made from wood, and a Stave Church from the year 1200. Walking around this wooden village is a way to experience what it must have been like in Norway 800 years ago. There is an indoor museum too, with smaller traditional items like clothing, weapons and toys.Fram Museum(Picture below taken from WikiCommons) At the Fram Museum you can learn about the Fram, the strongest wooden ship ever built that holds the record for sailing the furthest north and the furthest south. It is possible to board the ship and learn about how the crew managed to survive in the extreme winters of the Arctic and the Antarctic.Kon-Tiki Museum(Pictures taken from WikiCommons) Here you can learn about Tiki culture, specifically Thor Heyerdahl and his exhibitions, including Kon-Tiki, Easter Island, Ra, Tigris, Fatu-Hiva, Túcume and the Galapagos. The museum’s main attraction is the floating balsawood raft.Holocaust CentreThe Holocaust Centre is located in a villa on the Bygdøy peninsula. It is a project set up to teach students about the holocaust and is a good opportunity for tourists to learn about the role Norway played in World War II.

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