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Brief Visit to Bruges

November 18, 2016

My time in Belgium was brief, to say the least. Why I felt the need to day trip to both Bruges and Ghent from Antwerp in the space of a few hours, I have no idea. Though I didn’t have time to really do anything, I made my mind up about which city I felt was the most beautiful and there’s no question that Bruges wins the prize.

Maybe it was the 30°c day, the cloudless sky or the aroma of Belgium waffles in the air as we walked on the cobbled streets, trying to not to get lost down the winding streets and alleyways, but there was something so special about Bruges that I couldn’t help fall in love with.Unlike Ghent and Antwerp, Bruges is not a city-city. You know the kind, built up, industrial and commericalised, which is not always a bad thing. Bruges is like an anti-city. A sweet, fairytale-esque town reminiscent of a small tourist town in France.The houses are old, the churches tall and the canals that wind in and out of the houses are flocked with swans. It’s a gorgeous place and one I plan on returning to it at a later date to explore what Bruges really has to offer.

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