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The Garden of Oranges & the Knights of Malta Keyhole

February 1, 2017

You’ll be hard pressed to find a viewpoint in Rome that isn’t crowded with tourists. From St Peter’s Basilica to the Colosseum, there’s always someone you don’t want walking in front of your camera. The Garden of Oranges is as tranquil as you can find in Europe’s most visited city.

The garden is considered one of Rome’s best kept secrets. Orange trees are dotted neatly around the well-maintained lawn. Occasionally you’ll see fallen fruit on the floor, but they are quickly cleaned up. However, the main attraction is the great view of Rome’s skyline. You could quite easily spend a few hours up here, people watching or sitting with a picnic. Unfortunately the trees don’t provide much shade, so it’s better on cooler days.Whilst you’re in the Rione XII Ripa area, you might as well check out another one of Rome’s best kept secrets, the Knights of Malta keyhole, just up the road from the Garden of Oranges. This has been hailed as the single best view of St Peter’s Basilica and once you see it, you’ll understand why.Inside the keyhole is hedges perfectly bordering the dome of St Peter’s Basilica. If this design was not done on purpose, it’s an incredible coincidence. It’s a beautiful sight, made only more special by the fact it’s almost impossible to capture on film.

Here’s what I managed to capture. Keep in mind, this is the best of two Cannon cameras, an iphone 4 and an iphone 6. Believe it or not, the iphone 6 did the best job.And if you’re curious, here is what a great photographer can capture…

(Picture taken from Virtual Tourist)

Gorgeous, right? Somehow it’s still not as beautiful as reality.

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