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A Vegan’s Guide to Desserts in Berlin

February 7, 2017

Cakes, cookies, ice creams, doughnuts, pies, ice cream sandwiches, french pastries, deep fried chocolate bars, Berlin has it all. But more importantly, Berlin has it all made vegan. Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, here’s my handy guide to let you know where to buy what, no matter what you’re craving.

Brammibal’s Vegan Donuts

For doughnuts, Brammibal’s is the ultimate go to. Try the classic flavours, plain, jam-filled, cinnabon or chocolate, or branch out and try something unusual from the chocolate and salted pretzel (how German) to the floral fancies of blueberry and lavender.You can order doughnuts every Thursday from Markthalle Neun (more commonly known as Street Food Thursdays) or from their cafe in Neukölln. Everything is vegan and you can purchase one doughnut or take out boxes.Price: €€ (Average)

Maybachufer 8, 12047 Berlin, Germany


Fans of fruity ice lollies will enjoy Paletas, available from Makthalle Neun, any festival during the summer time and year-round at their store (address found below). These are a great way to cool down during a hot summers day, or just a refreshing, semi-healthy treat compared to everything else on this list.Vegans will need to be aware that not all of their products are vegan, but many of them are. At vegan festivals, Paletas will only offer their plant-based ice lollies.

Price: €€€ (Pricey)

Wühlischstraße 26, 10245 Berlin, Germany

California Pops

If Paletas sounds a bit too plain for your extravagant tastes, why not try something similar, drizzled in dark chocolate and caked with nuts or sprinkles? If this sounds more up your street, visit California Pops in the trendy area of Kreuzberg.Again, vegans be aware that not all of their products are vegan but the ones that are are heavenly. Opt for a fruit sorbet ice lolly drizzled in dark chocolate with sprinkles for the prettiest insta-worthy ice lolly in all the land.Price: €€€ (Pricey)

Falckensteinstraße 4, 10997 Berlin, Germany

Lily Burger

In the words of the Fairy Godmother from Shrek, “someone bring me something deep fried and smothered in chocolate.” If you’re in the mood for bizarre sweet treats like deep fried ice cream or a variety of deep fried chocolate bars, all specially made vegan, Lily Burger is the place to be.However, if you’re going all that way, it would be a shame to miss out on their incredible vegan burgers. Bring a friend to share with or opt for a smaller burger. Trust me, the portions are huge.

Price: €€€ (Pricey)

Am Friedrichshain 34, 10407 Berlin, Germany

Veganz & GoodiesOne of the easiest places to find a sweet snack is Veganz, the world’s first all-vegan supermarket. Here you can find a huge range of chocolates, sweets, ice cream and more. Some brands are German and exclusive to Veganz.If you’re more in the mood for a cake, smoothie or coffee, Goodies is a cafe often found along side Veganz or dotted in other places around the city. I would personally recommend their banoffee pie but the cakes alternate daily with a wide range of choice to suit everyone’s taste buds.Price: €€ (Average)

Warschauer Str. 33, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Zwei Dicke Bären

For ice cream sandwiches, head over to Markthalle Neun (Street Food Thursdays) during the summer and look for the small freezer stand. But don’t worry, these aren’t your bog standard ice-cream sandwiches found in the frozen food isle of American supermarkets. These are the combination of speciality ice cream and gourmet cookies to make a delicious infusion of texture and taste.Though not all of their products are vegan, some of them are and Zwei Dicke Bären is one of the only places in Berlin to find ice cream sandwiches and definitely the only place that makes them this tasty.Price: €€€ (Pricey)

Eisenbahnstraße 42-43, 10997 Berlin, Germany


Unfortunately the amazing all-vegan French Pastry shop, Ohlala, closed for good at the end of the summer. Luckily, that doesn’t mean the end for macaroons, crepes and mousses forever. Ohlala promises to continue cooking for events such as vegan food festivals and others of a similar nature and we are so grateful for it.Honestly, guys. If the vegan apocalypse really happens and there’s a gazillion vegan stores and restaurants to choose from, you’ll see a line down the street to sample the most delicious ‘Tresor’ cake and you know the people will be there for a reason. I promise, it doesn’t get any better than Ohlala.Price: €€ (Average)

Rheinsberger Str. 73, 10115 Berlin, Germany

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