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Hiking the Island of Comino

February 14, 2017

The tiny Island of Comino is situated between Malta’s two largest islands, Malta and Gozo. It’s almost uninhabited (a total of four people live there!) and perfect for a peaceful weekend break, whether you’re camping, snorkeling, diving or windsurfing. As we were there in February, water sports were off the table and hiking seemed like a better option.

If you have time, it’s easy to hike all around the Island. However, we were more interested in seeing the main sights of the island then dashing off to explore other places around Malta.First and foremost, you have to get to Comino Island. From Malta, there is a ferry port from Cirkewwa and it roughly takes 15 minutes by ferry. Cirkewwa is an hour bus ride away from Valletta but there’s plenty of things to do on that side of the island (more blog posts on that to come) so in my opinion it’s worth the journey. Once you get to Comino, the first sight you’re likely to see is the infamous Blue Lagoon. An attraction significantly more natural than it’s Icelandic counterpart with the same name. I don’t need to describe to you how blue the waters are, these pictures are evident enough.You might have heard about the tourist trade that comes with the combination of words such as ‘blue’ and ‘lagoon’. Luckily, in February, these rumours didn’t seem to be the case. Yeah, there were a couple of people but not enough to ruin the experience. If you’re visiting in the summer, make sure to get there early or late to avoid the crowds.We made our way towards the tower nearer Malta’s main island. The paths aren’t laid out neatly so make sure to bring your favourite pair of vegan walking boots to avoid slipping on rocks and falling into the sea (it’s possible!).Because the island is so desolate, you’re unlikely to see any other people around. As I said before, only four people inhabit the island and it is mostly made up of small farms and wild birds, bugs, lizards and snakes. Watch out for the latter.On your way to the tower, keep an eye on the sea as you’re likely to run into Comino’s second biggest attraction: The Crystal Lagoon. This lagoon is particularly more impressive but much harder to access as it’s right next to the cliff’s edge. But the clear water sure makes the rocks, moss and uneven surfaces worth climbing over to get to.Next stop is by far the most fascinating, even if it’s the least visually appealing. Comino’s abandoned isolation hospital. Now, I heard the word ‘abandoned’ and I turn into a meerkat who’s just heard a predator. Unfortunately, the hospital wasn’t up there with other desolate buildings I’ve encountered in the past. Today it’s not quite as abandoned as you’d think as it’s home to the island’s only inhabitants.Nearby the hospital is the tower, the final stop on our tour of Comino. Unfortunately it was closed when we arrived, but it didn’t stop me climbing up the stairs to catch the views.Overall, I’d definitely recommend visiting Comino, especially during the winter when there are less people around. If you love hiking, this tiny island is worth adding to your bucket list and even if you’re not the sporty type, the waters of the Blue Lagoon alone make for a good spot for lounging on a summer’s day.

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