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The Beauty of Valletta… From Sliema.

August 15, 2017

When planning the ultimate city break in Europe, you’ll probably think of those classic beauties such as Paris, Rome, Prague, Budapest. Your first thought is unlikely to be Valletta. Why? Well, ain’t nobody writing songs about it, first of all. Then there’s the small fact that it’s got a population of less than 6,500 and takes up only 0.3 sq miles. It’s tiny! But that doesn’t mean you should underestimate it.

Malta’s capital, though small, really packs a punch in terms of beauty. The entire city is a UNESCO World heritage site consisting of Baroque palaces, gardens, churches and homes one of Europe’s most impressive cathedrals.You’ll only need to wander up and down the minuscule streets to appreciate Valletta’s elegance. From the clean bricks to the colourful, crumbling doors, there’s a satisfaction in seeing the old mixed with the new. Not to mention the fact that there’s few places in the world you can witness clear blue waters along side a built up, charming cityscape and Valletta is one of them.Because of it’s size, walking is the best way to get around the city. Public transport such as buses are banned inside the city limits. It’s not difficult to see why. When the roads don’t stop suddenly by an unexpected staircase, they are shadowed by the clean laundry of locals, flapping like flags from their windows.I’d recommend getting lost down the streets of Valletta, purely because it’s so different to any other European city. Because of Malta’s location inside the Mediterranean, the architectural styles have been influenced by both Italian and Arabic culture. Then there’s the fact that up until the 60s, Malta was a part of the British Empire and it’s not unusual to run into a red telephone or post box.However, the very best views of Valletta don’t come from Valletta at all. You’ll find them by standing on the banks of the neighbour city, Sliema. You can catch a bus or ferry to Sliema and once you’re there, follow the path up to the Tigné Point resort. It’s a short walk to see the beauty of Valletta from a distance. You can appreciate the sun soaked city in all it’s glory, by sitting on the ruined “beach”. I say beach in quotation marks because the ruined area of Sliema can’t really be described as such. It’s a great hangout spot for instagrammers, but with the dangers of falling into the lapping tide, you can hardly stay for long.If you’re like me, you’ll obviously need this spot for a mini-photoshoot but once you’re done snapping pictures, return to one of the safer areas of Sliema, or back to Valletta incase you haven’t yet had enough of the city’s allure.

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