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I Guess I Like Art Now

November 16, 2017

I’m one of those people who happen to be good at art, naturally. My paintings always look somewhat like the real thing and I always used to get A*s in GCSE and A level. Unfortunately I’m extremely lazy and don’t get much enjoyment from painting. It’s one of those things isn’t it? If there was a talent factory I’d trade my artistic ability for a better vocabulary any day but there’s no such thing as a talent swap and shop.

After racing for so many A level deadlines, I came to despise art. I only took the subject because they promised a school trip to the big apple which turned into a school trip to Paris which turned into a school trip to London. Not as exciting. Over three days we visited about ten art galleries all of which bored me to death. I never got what people saw in art, especially that one branch of art where people draw lines and colour them in with nail varnish whilst yodelling into a microphone. Like, I don’t get it. Does anyone else get it?It’s sort of like reading Chaucer to make yourself look sophisticated when you’d rather be reading Dan Brown’s latest crime thriller. Pseudo intellectual types, you know? Why waste your time doing something you don’t enjoy? Life is far too short for that.But there’s different types of art just like there’s different types of every form of entertainment and I wanted to find the kind of art I liked. One of my favourite things I did in Copenhagen happened to be the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. I loved it so much on my first solo trip to Milan, I vowed to do everything I wanted to do and not be swayed by anyone else’s opinions. Guess where I went first? Fondazione Prada art gallery.It’s only when you travel alone do you realise what things you enjoy and what things you don’t. On the sixth form school trip to London, I was surrounded by thirty other students whose opinion was influencing mine and in Milan, I was a blank slate. I decided to give art another chance and I’m very glad I did.Fondazione Prada is a museum full of modern art ranging from pieces about mental illness inside the haunted tower to a cafe that looks like it belongs inside the Grand Budapest Hotel – Wes Anderson designed it after all. It’s cool art. Art that a young ‘un like me can get and appreciate. And even if you do really dislike art, Fondazione Prada is home to some of the most beautiful buildings Milan has to offer including the gold tower, which looks amazing shining in the hot Italian sun. If you ever find yourself in Milan, give this gallery a chance. You never know, you might find yourself thinking, hey, I guess I like art now.


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