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Hiking in Bryce Canyon

November 21, 2017

Everyone’s heard of the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Yosemite. Bryce Canyon, though? It’s rarely makes the cut on the ‘most beautiful places in America’ lists and I want to know why.

I mean, look at this place!If that isn’t stock photo, default wallpaper material I don’t know what is.Jess and I woke up at 6am on the day of our Bryce Canyon hike and searched for a place to get breakfast that catered for vegans. In the middle of a tiny tourist town in Utah, it’s slim pickings unfortunately, especially on a Sunday. Luckily, we did find somewhere that did toast and ‘the biggest darned homemade cinnamon roll you’ve ever seen – $5’. – I will never get over this, I think it’s so funny.After breakfast we embarked on a four hour hike around Bryce Canyon. We did the Navajo Loop and the Peekaboo Trail, which covered the Wall of Windows and Thor’s Hammer, two of Bryce Canyon’s main attractions. If we had stayed in Bryce longer, we would have certainly done more hikes to see all the gorgeous sights Bryce Canyon had to offer. You just don’t get sick of the beautiful orange rocks against a bright blue sky combo. Unfortunately the hire car wasn’t going to drive itself to Seattle in a week and we had to make do with seeing America’s best in bite sized portions, so it was goodbye Bryce and onwards to Provo.

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