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My Heart is in El Carmen

January 22, 2018

Looking back on my trip to Valencia, I have nothing but love for the El Carmen district. It is, by far, the coolest part of the city. With street art on every building, the entire district is alive with colour and vibrancy. Valencia is a city famous for it’s old town or it’s ultra-modern city of arts and sciences, most people won’t recognise it as being up there with cities like Berlin and Lisbon in terms of it’s street cred.

And yet the El Carmen district has street art by many famous artists from around the globe. Think Blu from Italy or Hyuro from Argentina who have left their marks on many cities. You won’t find a street, house, plant pot or lamp post left unpainted in El Carmen. In basic white girl terms: It’s a totally instagrammable place, guys!If street art isn’t your thing, that’s okay. El Carmen is still worth visiting as it is packed with the hippest restaurants, bars and clubs. (Many of the veggie places on happycow are located here!) There’s even people dancing in the streets. When we visited in late April, there seemed to be a street festival going on every evening and this was not a rare occurrence. El Carmen is one of those places where both the streets and the people on those streets evoke joy. Be warned, you’ll likely leave your heart there.

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