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24 Hours on Phillip Island

September 22, 2018

I knew I was going to like the place as soon as I drove over the bridge and saw a rainbow reflecting over Phillip Island. Little did I know a rainbow would be the first thing that welcomed me into the Mornington Peninsula, Wilsons Promontory and Kangaroo Valley. It simply means I picked the rainy season to road trip up the East Coast but still.The sun was quickly setting and I decided to go straight to the Penguin Parade, knowing this was the place to be for tourists after dark. It cost $24! Handing over that amount of cash broke my heart a little bit considering I was living in my car and eating bananas almost exclusively. Unfortunately, the price meant I couldn’t really enjoy it as much as I should have done. Yeah, there were penguins and yeah, they were pretty cute but all I could really think was ‘this cost me $24 and photos are prohibited so nobody will know I even came here, so what’s the point?’ I know we already established I’m a pics or it didn’t happen kinda person.

It wasn’t just the price or the lack of photos I disliked about the Penguin Parade. I didn’t enjoy the over commercialised gimmicky aspect to the place. Not only was it packed with tourists, it felt a bit like they built this huge venue to simply profit off nature. Having said that, I did appreciate their sustainability efforts.

The next morning I decided to go to the Koala Conservation centre. It cost $13 and I much preferred it to the Penguin Parade. Not only was it cheaper, it was a lot less crowded and I could wander around peacefully, observing the koalas without being squished between other people who are telling me off for having my camera out.Up next: Island Whole Foods for a coffee and a break. Translation, I’d sit there for several hours and write my blog till they closed. I ordered an almond milk cappuccino, a stack of Japanese pancakes for lunch and a chilli chocolate raw fudge cake for dessert, forgoing my decision to budget. Bit late for that, isn’t it?I spent the afternoon watching the sunset over Surf Beach from my van and preparing for the next leg of the journey: Wilson’s Promontory. Overall, I only spent 24 hours on Phillip Island but I did everything I wanted to do and enjoyed it a lot more than the Mornington Peninsula. It might have been because the rain finally cleared up, it might have been because I met this really cute golden Labrador outside the YMCA. I can’t exactly say what I loved about Phillip Island, other than the fact than I liked it? A bit pathetic, I know. Wow, I’ve got to start getting better at this blog writing malarkey.

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