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Jervis Bay

September 26, 2018

I’ve been finding it difficult to write about my short time in Jervis Bay. It was sandwiched between Wilsons Promontory and Morton National Park, two places full of beautiful nature, trees, waterfalls, mountains and glorious beaches. But Jervis Bay certainly had the most glorious beaches so far on my journey. It is, after all, home to the beach that has been awarded the Guinness world record for having the ‘whitest sand’, Hyams beach.I find it comical, trying to picture the Guinness world record people inspecting grains of sand in jars, taken from every beach in the world. I imagine scientists in white coats, all deciding that Jervis Bay’s beaches has the world’s whitest sand. Forget about all those inhabited, never-been touched islands from the most remote spaces in the Pacific Ocean. Jervis Bay! A small town in New South Wales wins the crown.Yeah, I was sceptical. And worse, I was kinda over beaches by this point. I’d seen beaches. Too many beaches for someone who doesn’t even like them. I was more than ready to reach a city, reluctantly accepting that I might be a city girl.But when I finally reached Jervis Bay after a long driving day, I was happy to stretch my legs and do the famous ‘White Sands Walk’. And yeah, I can confirm the sands are pretty white.The small town of Huskisson is the perfect base for the walk down to Hyam’s beach so that’s what I did. Huskisson is one of those adorable little beach towns with shops selling ice cream, seashells and organic soap. I ended up wandering in and out of these little shops, scanning coffee table books and trying out samples of hand cream.My favourite spot was the waterfront where I sat and facetimed mum. “Are there any people around you?” she asked concerned. She had a point. Even though the town was beautiful and had something as impressive as a title for the world’s whitest sand, it was very quiet. I barely saw anyone else on the white sands walk. It was peaceful, a bit too peaceful.“Yeah,” I responded. “I see a golden retriever, some border collies, there’s humans. Wait… the humans are looking at something in the water,” I said, already on my way closer to them to see what they were looking at.“The humans are looking at a sting ray!” one of them said to me. I realised how weird I must have sounded, alone talking to a phone about the humans. I peered over and saw what must have been the world’s largest stingray. Forget the white sand, this stingray was Guinness world record worthy. My phone cut out at this moment as I awkwardly tried to shuffle from facetime to take a picture. In the confusion, I ended up turning my phone off. The stingray swam away but I did manage to get a picture of a smaller one that swam by about a minute later.I reached Hyam’s Beach as the sun was setting and got some gorgeous sunset pictures before heading back in my van for the dreaded Princes highway towards Morton National Park.

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