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Nelsons Bay

October 9, 2018

Due to the fact that I had an extra two days in Wollongong and was expecting to want to leave Sydney the second I stepped foot in it (but ended up loving it and spent an extra two days there), I was falling increasingly behind on my itinerary. With only three weeks left to drive 1,500 miles, I needed to sacrifice a couple of places on my to-do list.I decided to skip Newcastle – even though someone in my hostel in Sydney told me it was her favourite place in Australia so far – and drive straight from the Blue Mountains to Nelsons Bay.Nelsons Bay is a beautiful little coastal town with some incredible viewpoints. My favourite of which was from the summit of Tomaree Mountain. There, you can look over Fingal Beach, Fingal Split, Shoal Bay, Zenith Beach, Port Stephens and Shark Island. Whilst at the top, I even saw some dolphins swimming across the Tasman Sea.Tomaree National Park is a perfect place for seeing some wild Aussie animals, too. I managed to spot an echidna, some wallabies and several bird species as well as the dolphins from before.

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