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Passing Through Port Macquarie

October 16, 2018

My time in Port Macquarie was brief to say the least, although it ended up being one of my favourite small, coastal towns from my trip so far.My first stop was the most important: The Koala Hospital. I need to make a whole blog post about this place because it was positively cute. Unlike the Koala Conservation Centre in Phillip Island, it’s completely free to visit (though donations are appreciated) and it houses many sick and injured koalas, some missing legs and eyes. The ones viewable to the public are the ones who will never be rehabilitated into the wild. After the Koala Hospital I made my way to lighthouse beach and from there did the coastal walk – trying to get my daily steps in before five hours in the car to Byron Bay. The coastal walk was a really pleasant one and I definitely recommend it. I was short on time so only ended up doing a small bit of it.When I finally did brace myself for the long journey ahead, I decided to stop in Coffs Harbour – to get a picture of the Big Banana of course, I ended up cutting the trip short and stopping for the night in a town just outside of Coffs Harbour. All that coastal walking made me sleepy! It was lucky I did as the one hour driving I had left to do the next day ended up taking three hours thanks to road works.

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