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Lazy, Rainy Days in Noosa

November 13, 2018

I finally made it to the Sunshine Coast and I beg to differ with that title. The thunder-and-lightning-and-storm-clouds-in-abundance Coast would be a more accurate title. That being said, I have yet to visit a more charming place than Noosa, Queensland.

This is a place I could really imagine myself settling down in. I had this feeling a lot the further north I travelled, and I wondered whether I made a mistake when I made Melbourne my base for my year abroad. Still, I’ve had to live with a lot of my terrible decisions lately so I decided not to dwell on it too much.First and foremost, I visited Noosa National Park to soak up the tiny bit of sunshine that did appear in the two days I spent in Noosa. I decided to be different and instead of doing the whole Coastal walk, I did half of it then returned on the Tanglewood walk trail. This meant switching trails when I got to Hell’s Gate.There are some not so secret gems along the Coastal walk trail, the most famous being the fairy pools. When I got there, I walked past the ‘stick to the route’ signs to a rock pool formation where many tourists were swimming. I even saw a whale in the distance here, making this one of the last Australian animals I saw. The walk back through the Tanglewood trail was a true Aussie bushwalking experience. The Coastal walk gets a lot more attention and an entire hour went by before I saw anyone else on the Tanglewood trail. When I did see people they told me to watch out for a brown snake they saw. I didn’t manage to see the brown snake, which is probably for the best as when I got back to my camper I discovered brown snakes are consider one of the most dangerous snakes in the world. Definitely one Aussie animal I’ll happily avoid, thank you.After the long walk back, I decided to go and get some lunch at Vanilla Food, which is located inside Belmondos Organic Market, a charming little place with a beauty store, a coffee shop, butchers, grocery store and a café. The rain started pouring down heavily so I spent a good portion of my time wandering around and chilling out in the café, Clandestino Roasters. I have to say, this coffee was probably the best I’ve had so far in Australia, yes, it even beat every coffee shop I tried in Melbourne and Sydney.The rain really was too bad to do anything else when I was in Noosa and I booked a Fraser Island tour the next day so I had a lazy coffee shop day next, which was well deserved, I think, having not had a lazy day since Wollongong.

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