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Colourful Churches of Kiev

May 24, 2019

You can’t go to Kiev without seeing one of the several ice cream sundae shaped churches. It’s inevitable because they’re absolutely everywhere. Here’s my list of the must-see churches and how to find them.

Saint Andrew’s Church

Saint Andrew’s is one of the prettier, well-known Churches in Kiev as it is located in the city centre on the top of a hill.

Andriivs’kyi descent, 23, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04070

Kiev Pechersk Lavra Monastery

The Monastery is located near the Motherland monument, several museums including the Micro Miniature Museum and is certainly one of the most worthwhile churches to visit in Kiev, even if it is a bit of a walk away. I’d recommend coming early for the best lighting and be sure to make climbing the bell tower a priority.

Lavrska St, 15, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01015

Saint Sophia’s Cathedral

Saint Sophia’s Cathedral is one of the most famous in Kiev as it was the city’s first landmark to make the World Heritage List. You have to pay to visit the monastery and there is an extra fee to go inside, visit the bakery and bell tower. If you only have the budget for one thing, I’d recommend the bell tower for fantastic views of Kiev.

Volodymyrska St, 24, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001

Saint Michael’s Golden Domed Monastery

Saint Michael’s Golden Domed Monastery is an interesting building. Though beautiful and archaic looking, the monastery was rebuilt in the year 2000 after being destroyed in the year 1930 by the Soviet’s for having “no historical value”. The original was built in 1108.

Triokhsviatytelska St, 8, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01601

Saint Volodymyr’s Cathedral

Saint Volodymyr’s Cathedral has arguably the prettiest interior of all the churches in Kiev. The yellow colours and the central location of the cathedral makes it one of the most visited and more popular churches, too.

Tarasa Shevchenko Blvd, 20, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

Saint Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral

For a break from the Russian orthodox churches, why not visit the second oldest Catholic church in Kiev? Though not particularly old, it is a strange sight to see in Kiev amongst the colourful buildings with pretty domes as this cathedral has dark spires and deep red accents.

Velyka Vasylkivska St, 75, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03150

Saint Nicolas Wondermaker on the Water

One of my favourite churches in Kiev was by far the most unusual. Saint Nicolas Wondermaker on the Water is exactly what it says it is – on the water. It looks like a lighthouse dressed up as a Russian Orthodox church sitting on the river bank.

Naberezhno-Khreschatytska vul. 8A, Kiev 04070, Ukraine

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