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Wynwood Walls: An Instagrammer’s Paradise

May 26, 2019

When I visited Florida back in 2017, I didn’t exactly fall in love with the place. I mean, almost getting abducted by a paedophile and getting stuck on the Seven Mile Bridge for three hours isn’t everybody’s idea of a perfect holiday, is it?

Still, Miami had it’s charms despite those things. One of them is the entire district of Wynwood and it’s famous walls. The whole neighbourhood is an instagrammers paradise and a socially anxious solo-traveller’s nightmare. There’s only so many times you can awkwardly ask someone to take your picture in front of what you think is the prettiest wall in the whole of Wynwood, only to turn a corner and find an even better one and have to ask a different nearby stranger because you don’t want to appear annoying.

Luckily there’s plenty of people around with the exact same intention as you so asking for a picture is less embarrassing than you’d think. I managed to survive solely by asking for pictures only from people who asked me first.

Wynwood itself is a neighbourhood in Miami that is famous for all things hipster. That means plenty of vegan restaurants. After finding one of America’s most famous vegan cupcake joints, I took a short walk through the lesser-known parts of the neighbourhood to see if there were any art pieces I was missing. Any Miami local will tell you that the best walls in Wynwood are outside the Wynwood Walls attraction. Very few walls in Wynwood aren’t painted head to toe in bright pastel colours, so if you have time, make sure to stray further afield so as not to miss out.

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